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Ty's Roller Hockey

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5/24 I'm finally back. I have been busy with school, trips, and hockey. But now with school over i can finish this site and make my Starcraft Website. Today the stick, street, and roller sections will be up. Check out Media One for Cable Modem Service

4/27 I will put the background music on later. Put up two ads today.

4/26 - I got the moves up. The GuestBook is up. War2 background music is up.

4/24/98 - First day of production. Hopefully this web page won't be a flop like the other 3! J/K =)Since this is my first entree I will tell a little about myself. I love Roller Hockey! This is what this web page is dedicated to. I am a Christian! I with play with about 5 other friends in my friend's neighborhood about every other day. We live in Atlanta. I will play in a league this summer. My friends will all be on my team and we will probably beat everyone (I hope). Anyway even though I am a amature I still know a good deal about roller hockey. Wanna Advertise your company here?





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